Chef Bibbiano, Head Chef at Pasta da Pulcinella

Since 1994, Pasta Da Pulcinella has been a place of the reknown Zagat Survey, Frommer’s Guide to Atlanta, and a host to nation-wide clientele. In 2000, the restaurant moved off Peachtree street in favor of a more intimate atmosphere. Pasta Da Pulcinella has undergone changes but has maintained the classic appeal that made it famous. Table linens, oil paintings of Tuscany, classic melodies, and the scent of fresh pasta fill the air.

Chef Bibbiano has been the heart of Pasta Da Pulcinella for over fifteen years. He diligently maintains the restaurant’s original menu, all the while creating additional dishes each week with the freshest ingredients. Unassuming and quick with a smile, Chef Bibbiano keeps his small kitchen full of laughter and the joy he gets from his work.